About Us

DinoSpace Adventure was developed by the Orion Center, a not for profit organization emphasizing conservative Christian influence on society. To learn more about Orion Center and its projects, visit www.orioncenter.org. The DinoSpace mission is to present quality science exhibits and experiences, to provide a forum to explore creation and evolutionary ideas in science, and to emphasize entertainment and family participation as well as learning.

Our DinoSpace Adventure staff and volunteers come from all walks of life and have varied backgrounds and interests:

Bill Mundhausen is the founder and director of the Orion Center and currently runs the day-to-day operations at DinoSpace Adventure.

Bruce Orcutt is our primary traveling educator. You can read about the programs Bruce has developed in our EDUCATION section.

Clark VanScoyk volunteers his time specializing in astronomy activities including our traveling Starlab planetarium shows. You can learn more about our Starlab programs in the EDUCATION section also.