Adventure Activities

DinoSpace Adventure is both a museum and an outdoor fun park. We have an indoor science education environment which we call The Science Laboratory. It's full of fun, hands-on exhibits that explore the world of science and technology. But then you can walk outside to DinoSpace for fun Outdoor Adventures. Imagine yourself on a planet of dinosaurs where you defend yourselves with rockets, catapults, cables rides and more.

DinoSpace Adventure really is where the past and present meet with extinct creatures from the past and space exploration leading to the future. Science adventures ultimately lead to questions about where it all began and what it means, so we confront those questions head-on in our gathering room at the start where visitors learn about the scientific method and the relationship between science and philosophies like creation and evolution. Those concepts will be useful later on as visitors investigate the science behind the philosophy. Our fair and simple treatment allows visitors to make up their own minds about what to believe.

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