Privileged Planet Kiosk

The Principle of Mediocrity implies that Earth is nothing special. That there must be millions of earth-like planets and civilizations throughout the universe. But, observation yields a different answer. So far, no planets have been found that are capable of sustaining life, let alone complex life. And the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence program has probed the corners of our galaxy, but has found nothing. Is it possible that we are alone, and therefore, special? As the list of factors for a habitable planet grows, it would certainly seem that way.

Curiously, several factors that determine the Earth's habitability have allowed for scientific discovery. The Earth's distance from the Sun, and the Moon's distance from Earth allow for perfect solar eclipses. One such eclipse led to the proving of Einstein's Theory of Relativity. Our place in the galaxy has the perfect concentration of heavier elements to create our planet. Earth is also in the perfect place to view the rest of the universe. It would appear that the Earth is in fact something special.