Starlab Astronomy Programs

What is Starlab?An inflatable planetarium dome...a welcome break from the classroom...a powerful learning environment for astronomy, biology and cultural storytelling.

Starlab is sponsored by the Kerr Foundation, BUD/alan Pastics, Laclede Operation Round-Up and Dorothy and James Harlan in memory of C. H. and Sarah Turner.  Bring Starlab to your school or special event.

Fees and Terms:

Starlab Only $400/Week Starlab With Instructor $200/Day
Use of the Starlab dome, projector, and teaching materials Monday through Friday. We provide delivery and setup, one hour of teacher orientation, and pickup at the end of the week. Set-up and take-down to be performed during normal business hours 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday through Friday. In addition to the Starlab itself, we provide an instructor to lead classes thoughout the day. Typically 7 sessions with 60 students per session.  That's less than $.50 per student.

Special Considerations and Exceptions: Rates quoted above are for school districts and exhibitions located within a 50 mile radius of Camdenton, Missouri. An additional delivery charge will be negotiated for schools outside of our region. Additional charges for instructor-led programs may apply for evening sessions after 5:00PM. Our dome requires a set-up area 30 feet square with 14 feet of ceiling height.

Click the Following links for free Teacher Resources:

Basic Tips
How To Say It
Starfield Cylinder
Constellations Cylinder
Greek Mythology Cylinder
Egyptian Mythology Cylinder
Native American Cylinder
Biological Cell Cylinder
Spring Night Sky Script
Winter Night Sky Script
How To Schedule:
Call Bill Mundhausen at Orion Center at (573)346-5516 or Email
Please don't delay in booking your Starlab program.